My story

Cerabeau – How it all started …

Beginning 2014, I'm at a crossroads in my life. After 35 years working as a software engineer, developing systems, I increasingly feel the need to produce a "tangible" product, something you can really grab.

The day I followed my heart

As if it was pre-determined, I meet a supplier of 3D clay printers. I am directly impressed what you can create with this printer. I decide to follow my heart and get to deepen me in this wonderful technique and its seemingly infinite possibilities.


A dream comes true

My great dream becomes reality with the creation of Cerabeau (Let ceramic shine), our own design studio, production room and studio. And my head is all over with ideas.
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The odd man out

Working with a clay printer means that you need a lot of product knowledge. That's why I get my naughty shoes and I'm following a college at the clay academy in Amsterdam. At the academy they find me an odd man out... former software engineer becomes a ceramist

Very proud

After the introduction of our first product line Mirage (ceramic lamps (with the latest LED technology) and matching vases) we continued with designing. We are therefore very proud to be able to present our new lines Organicum, Geminus, Diabolo and Lineae. Take a quick look at our website and marvel yourself at the beauty of these designs.

Can’t make an omelette

My teacher and the director of the training can’t make an omelette of it and want to persuade me to stop my training. I have never doubted that I'm on the right track. From my software past I want to add a new dimension to making ceramics. I see how digital and manual techniques reinforce each other. Through the application of software and 3D printing technology, more refined designs are within reach of the ceramist
The 'digi-ceramist' was born.

New dimension

Cerabeau's goal is to design ceramic objects that are functional and aesthetic and the challenge to combine these two in one design. As digi-ceramist I'm always looking for new possibilities using digital printing techniques.

'Classic material applied in a modern way'